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About Trew Potential

Trew Potential is an organizational leadership and transformation consulting firm founded by Valerie Trew, a seasoned leader who is passionate about social justice and creating a better future for all. Valerie helps organizations develop a shared vision, plan and manage change, foster inclusive and cohesive teams and a service-oriented culture, and strategically plan for the future. Valerie works with organizations to identify their role in social, political, and environmental transformation. With a solid foundation of social justice, Valerie brings a unique approach to consulting that combines expertise and experience with curiosity and openness to possibilities.

Valerie is skilled at identifying the potential an organization has to make a positive impact on the world. Whether it's through promoting sustainability, advancing social justice, or improving human health and well-being, Valerie helps organizations identify their unique strengths and potential to create a better future. By working with Valerie, organizations learn how to create positive change while also achieving their business objectives.

Valerie is committed to working with organizations that share their values and commitment to creating positive change in the world. If you're looking for a consultant who can help your organization meets objectives and achieve its full potential to be a force for good, Trew Potential is the right choice for you.
Valerie Trew (She/Her)

About Valerie

 Valerie Trew is a seasoned leader and educator with extensive experience and expertise in the public, not-for-profit, and higher education sectors. As a Registered Early Childhood Educator with a Master of Arts in Leadership, Valerie is also an experienced educator, applying a lens of social and environmental justice to post-secondary studies in policy, administration, and leadership. In fact, she has developed innovative courses on leadership and advocacy, which she teaches at the post-secondary level. Valerie views teaching - from early learning to post-secondary - as a political act and does so with a view to provoke radical social transformation towards a post-colonial world. Valerie has spent over 20 years working in human services through child welfare, postsecondary education, regional government, early intervention, and early learning and child care. Valerie is experienced in social policy development and teaches social policy at the post-secondary level. Her master’s research project was on the effects of unionization on employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction in public sector human services and what it means for leadership. Holding a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition, Valerie is also knowledgeable about nutrition and passionate about transforming our food systems for human and planetary health and to end oppression – everything is connected. Valerie is currently completing doctoral studies in Social Justice Education at the University of Toronto, OISE, investigating how systems of oppression operate in early learning environments and the opportunity this provides us to dismantle oppressive systems towards a more just and livable world. 

In Valerie’s leadership roles, she has developed and implemented new program areas in highly regulated fields; overseen accreditation processes; led team building and culture transformation in new and established teams; facilitated organization-wide direction setting and visioning including strategic planning and organizational statement development; transformed policies and practices through a social and environmental justice lens; developed sustainability plans of action with proven results; and successfully achieved organizational alignment to a shared vision. Valerie is also a generous mentor and career coach to young professionals.