We believe that activism comes in many forms and want to be as effective as possible at making people think about the impact of the choices they make in their daily activities. We also believe in the intersectionality of oppression and strive to be the best possible humans we can be.

We hope that the messages on our shirts will be provocative enough to make people think, to cause some discomfort, and, most of all, to open conversations that will open hearts and minds. We know that veganism isn’t about being perfect; it’s about causing the least harm possible through the choices we make every day.

One of the ways we are living our values is by participating in activism – whether it’s slaughterhouse vigils, cubes, stickering, promoting plant-based diets, or veganizing the classroom – the proceeds from Vegan Hunting Grounds are very directly supporting our ability to spread the vegan message.

Another way we are practicing ethical, intersectional veganism is by donating 10% of our profits to vegan causes – so the impact of our shirts is multiplied!

We are currently working with the Animal Save MovementAnimal Save Movement is a love-based global network of activists who hold animal vigils at the gates of slaughterhouses worldwide. Our mission is to spread the idea that we all have a moral duty to bear witness, end animal agriculture and reforest the Earth.

We hope you find a design that speaks to you and be sure to check back often as we are committed to adding new designs regularly.

In solidarity.