Forage: Vegan Hunting Grounds

A community grocery that caters to consumers interested in their health, the environment, and living a cruelty-free lifestyle.  One-stop shopping – no label-checking necessary.

Here’s why we think customers will want to forage with us!

  • Convenience (ability to get all grocery needs in one location) 
  • Conscience (supporting a cruelty-free, ethical, living wage employer, dedicated to reducing waste) 
  • Confidence (certainty that all products are cruelty-free – no label-checking) 
  • Community (Forage will become a community hub for vegans in Guelph and area) 
  • Canadian (Forage will source local and Canadian suppliers whenever possible)

Our Mission

We provide delicious, nutritious, sustainably-produced, cruelty-free food and household products to make a vegan lifestyle easy and accessible for everyone. We aim to do our part towards healing the planet while contributing to the economic and social fabric of our community.

Our Vision

A healthy, just planet where humans and animals can thrive forever.

Our Values

  • Community – engaged local and global citizenship
  • Education – sharing information and engaging in fact-based dialogue
  • Sustainability – promoting diet and lifestyle choices that ensure the long-term health of people, animals, and the planet
  • Love of food – being uncompromising in our commitment to delicious, nutritious, and hearty food
  • Dignity – for animals and people
  • Health – helping people regain and retain optimal health through food choices

We know our “why”

We plan to make the planet more livable for all animals and humans by making a plant-based lifestyle convenient, accessible, and delicious. But we also recognize that we are fortunate to be in a position to care about our health, animal welfare, and the environment. We are not out of touch with the reality of most of the citizens on this planet. Immediate needs take precedent when faced with hardship. Economic inequality is both an outcome and a contributing factor of the environmental and health emergency we are facing. That’s why we are committed to paying all our employees a living wage, being engaged community members, and giving back locally and globally. We plan to meet and exceed the criteria for being a Living Wage Employer according to the Guelph & Wellington Task Force for Poverty Elimination. We also intend to become a Certified B Corporation, a movement of people using business as a force for good. We are excited to contribute to the social and economic fabric of our community and the planet.

We are committed to reducing waste and will encourage customers to bring their own containers for our prepared foods. All packaging we use in-house will be recyclable or biodegradable.